“Appointment Scheduling” built for Squarespace how-to

Updated Apr 8th, 2021 by   Nicolas Zenker

Easily embed an appointment scheduling form (also known as an appointment booking form or a booking widget) on your Squarespace website. Let your users easily schedule an appointment or meeting with you right from your website.

Highlighted features:

  • Keep your users on your website – let them schedule right from your existing pages
  • Make sure you convert potential clients in the moment – great for sales demos, initial consultations, etc.
  • Simple and straightforward for your users to choose a time in your booking calendar – stop sending multiple emails to arrange a single call
  • Collect the information you need from your attendees when scheduling their appointments
  • No more missed meetings thanks to our handy automated reminders

Follow these 6 simple steps to embed an appointment scheduling app on your Squarespace website.

  1. Sign up for AppointmentThing.com
    Go to AppointmentThing.com and click “Sign up”. There’s a free two-week trial of the Pro Plan available when you sign up (with no credit card required), and when that’s over, you can keep using the free plan forever.
  2. Set up the Appointment Types you want to offer and the times you are available
    Within the scheduling app, you can set different appointment types for different services you offer or you could just offer customers a choice of meeting lengths. You can also offer just one appointment type if you want to keep it really simple.
    • Navigate to the ‘Appointment Types’ page on AppointmentThing.com

    • Create a new “Appointment Type” (or select one of your existing “Appointment Types”).
    • Enter your appointment details in the “About” tab, and set your appointment availability in the “Availability” tab.
    • When you’ve created the appointment type, navigate back to the “Appointment Types”.
  3. Copy the link or embed code to your booking page
    Copy your link or embed code to your general appointment booking page if you want to offer more than one appointment type, or to a specific appointment type otherwise.
    • Click the “Embed” icon as shown in the image below

    • You will now see a new window. Select the “Inline Embed” option. Select the Appointment Types you want to embed on your Squarespace website, and copy the widget code.

  4. Paste your link into the Squarespace website editor.
    Log into your Squarespace account (or click signup if you don’t already have a Squarespace account). Open the page you want to embed the appointment booking form on and click “Edit” in the top left hand corner . Hover your mouse over where you want the booking form to appear, and click the “+” icon that appears. In the search bar, enter “Code” and in the results, choose “Code” as the type. Paste in the code you copied earlier from AppointmentThing and click “Apply”. Note that the embeddable booking form won’t appear correctly until you click “Done” in the top left hand corner.

    A complete step-by-step guide can also be found here in the following help article: Appointment Scheduling Squarespace – detailed instructions
  5. Make sure it looks good
    The last thing to do is to preview the site to make sure it all looks good. Be sure to check the preview on mobile view also to make sure it still looks good!
  6. You’re good to go!
    Your embeddable appointment booking form is now set up and your users can start scheduling appointments with you right from your Squarespace website!

Use a website builder other than Squarespace where you want to offer online scheduling? AppointmentThing also integrates with most popular website builders like Leadpages, Wix, WordPress, Weebly, Jimdo, Kajabi and more.

Try our beautiful embeddable “Appointment Scheduling” form for Squarespace

Let your clients see your real-time calendar availability on your booking page and book appointments for themselves. Say goodbye to back-and-forth emails and save time for everyone.

Connect your calendar to sync your availability and ensure that you offer appointments only when you’re free (works with Google Calendar, Apple Calendar and Outlook calendar/Office 365). Add your appointment scheduling link to your email signature, your social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn and, most importantly, to your Squarespace site.

AppointmentThing is the latest and greatest free online appointment scheduling software that offers beautiful design and brilliant online booking functionality. Use meeting buffers to block off time before and after your appointments and automated reminders (email and SMS reminders) for you and your attendees so you can ensure that everyone will show up on time. For advanced users, check out our payment processor integration (including both Stripe or PayPal) that lets you charge for your time, and connect multiple calendars to keep all your schedules in sync.