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Updated Sep 1st, 2020 by   Nicolas Zenker

Hi there, and welcome to AppointmentThing! We wanted to write a quick note to introduce our team and our software. We launched AppointmentThing in July of 2020, and we’ve been fortunate enough to experience incredible growth since then. First, to bring everyone up to speed, here’s a quick summary of what AppointmentThing does:

AppointmentThing is a new scheduling software that makes it incredibly easy for you to schedule meetings and appointments with your contacts and customers. You connect your calendars, use a few simple rules to define when you’re available to take meetings, and AppointmentThing generates available appointment slots for you. You then share your appointment booking page with your contacts via your unique AppointmentThing link (or you can embed the booking page on your website if you prefer), and your work is done! Your contacts use the link to book a time when you’re available and the appointments are automatically added to your calendar. Naturally we also handle rescheduling, automated reminders before meetings, that kind of thing 😉

Our team is comprised of the top calendar engineers and designers from around the world, and we’re committed to building the best scheduling solution there is. We understand (probably more than most) that we have a limited amount of time in our days and weeks, and the time we do have is incredibly important. AppointmentThing is designed from the ground up to make scheduling your appointments quick, easy and intuitive. We built it to handle the headaches of complex calendar rules and multiple busy schedules so that you have more time and energy to focus on what really matters.

From product design to user experience to customer service, we believe you – and your attendees – deserve the very best. To achieve this, we firmly believe in listening to our customers and building lasting relationships with them whenever possible. AppointmentThing is the end result of hundreds of conversations and feedback sessions with our users, and we’re having more all the time. If you ever have any suggestions or feedback, either positive or negative, please send us an email at support@appointmentthing.com – we’d love to hear from you.

That’s all for now! If you haven’t yet, we highly recommend giving AppointmentThing a try 🙂 When you sign up, you’ll get two weeks of our Pro plan for free so you can try the fully range of functionality we offer. If you decide after the two weeks that you don’t need all the extra bells and whistles, you can always keep using our core product for free.


The AppointmentThing Team