Appointment Scheduler for Google Calendar how-to

Updated Apr 28th, 2021 by   Nicolas Zenker

Using an appointment scheduler is an easy way to save time when your customer, clients or contacts need to schedule appointments with you on a regular basis. Sharing your appointment booking link is a simple, straightforward and time efficient way to let people book appointments, and ensure that the appointments get added to everyone’s calendars automatically.

AppointmentThing syncs with your Google Calendar to check your schedule so you don’t get double booked with an existing calendar event and generates each appointment slot to offer to your prospective attendees based on some simple rules that you can set.

Here are some of the top features:

  • Add a booking link to your email signature, to your social media profiles and include it on the contact page on your website
  • You can also embed a booking form to show a live booking calendar directly on your website
  • Add a Zoom Meeting, Google Meet or GoToWebinar link automatically to all your meeting details – simple, secure integrations that make attending your online appointments a breeze
  • Send automated appointment reminders (both email and SMS text reminders) to your attendees to ensure that they show up

How to use an appointment scheduler for google calendar

  1. Create an AppointmentThing account
    Go to and click “Sign up”. There’s a free two-week trial of the Pro Plan available when you sign up (with no credit card required), and when that’s over, you can keep using the free plan forever.
  2. Connect your Google Calendar
    Navigate to the connected calendars page in the left hand sidebar, and choose Google Calendar from the list of options. Follow the steps on screen to sign in to your Google account (this is the same as your Gmail account) to connect and sync your calendar, so we can check your availability to be scheduled for appointments, and add appointments directly to your calendar.

  3. Set up your appointment types
    Decide if you want to offer just one type of appointment (e.g. a 15-minute office hours slot, a 30 minute sales call, or a 1-hour consultation call) or if you want to offer multiple appointment types that your your customers can choose from (e.g. you could offer a choice of 15-minute, 30-minute or 1 hour appointments). You can also choose what time you’re available to offer appointments.

  4. Share your link
    Share your appointment page link everywhere people normally would reach out to contact you to schedule an appointment with you. We recommend adding it in as many places as possible to ensure that it’s always easy for someone to check your availability and schedule on the spot.
    • Add it to your email signature: We’ve got a step-by-step guide to adding your booking link to your email signature for all the major email platforms. Simply click the drop down on your appointment types page and choose “Add it to my email signature”.
    • Add it to your social media accounts: This is particularly useful if you sell your time or services online. Adding your booking page link to your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn bio is a great way to promote your services, and ensure that people can schedule with you as soon as they find you online.
    • Add it to your website: You can choose to simply add a link or button that opens your booking page on a new page, or you can embed a full booking calendar widget right on the page. This is a great way to ensure that your contacts never need to leave your website to schedule a meeting with you!
    • Share it directly: You can also simply share your appointment booking link directly with people when they reach out either over text or email. You can choose the appointment type that best suits their needs and let them pick a time that works best for them. No more back-and-forth emails!
  5. You’re ready to go!
    Your appointment scheduling app is now set up and your users can start independently scheduling appointments with you!

Why you should choose AppointmentThing as your appointment scheduling tool?

AppointmentThing is the best free online appointment scheduling software that offers a combination of beautiful, intuitive design and great functionality to make your life easier. Never stress about scheduling meetings again, whether you usually schedule over the phone, over email, or from your website. Using a scheduler will revolutionize your workflow and make it easier than ever to get your important work done. Using an appointment scheduler that integrates and syncs natively is the most straightforward way to get your appointments added to your Google Calendar, whether you use the Google Calendar app on your mobile device or on your laptop in your Google Chrome browser!

AppointmentThing also works with other calendar services like Outlook Calendar, Office 365, and Apple Calendar. We also allow you to synchronize multiple calendars simultaneously so even if you use a different default calendar app for your personal and work schedules, everything will still work and sync correctly.