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Updated Apr 27th, 2021 by   Nicolas Zenker

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Scheduling appointments by having people reach out to you over email is time consuming and can take multiple emails back and forth in order to find a time that works for everyone. Using an appointment scheduling tool that lets users schedule appointments themselves can save you time and effort and make for a much better experience for you and your users.

AppointmentThing lets you add a scheduling link to your website that displays a live booking calendar. Your users can check when you’re available and select the time that works best for them. The appointment then gets added automatically to your calendar, as well as the users calendar. Follow these 5 simple steps to add an appointment scheduling link to your website.

How to add a booking link to your website

  1. Create an AppointmentThing account
    Go to and click sign up. You’ll get a 2 week pro trial when you sign up (no credit card required), and after that you’ll be able to continue using the free plan forever.

  2. Connect your calendar
    Connect your calendar to sync your existing appointments so you don’t get double booked. Appointments will also get automatically added to your calendar, so you will always see your up-to-date schedule. AppointmentThing works with Google Calendar, Outlook/Office 365 and Apple Calendar.

  3. Set up your appointment types
    Decide if you want to offer just one type of appointment (e.g. a 15-minute consultation call, or a 30 minute sales call) or if you want to offer multiple appointment types that your your customers can choose from (e.g. you could offer a choice of 15-minute, 30-minute or 1 hour appointments).

  4. Set your availability
    Choose when you’re available to be scheduled for appointments. You can use our simple drag & drop interface to select the times that people are able to book with you. We’ll use some simple rules to define your availability and offer those appointment slots to your attendees.

  5. Share your link!
    Add your scheduling link to your website on your homepage or your contact page. You could replace your existing “Email me to schedule an appointment” text, or you could offer it as a second option.

    You should also add the link to your email signature, and if people reach out to you looking to schedule from other channels, simply reply to their message with your link and let them schedule themselves for appointments.

    If you’re looking to embed a full booking calendar on your website, we’ve also got some great embeddable booking forms that let you add a full live booking calendar directly to your website. Check out this article on how to embed an booking form to learn more about that.

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